Claire Bugni 

Sattva Yoga & Meditation

Sattva means whole balance truth, Rooted in the rich Vedantic Himalayan traditions Sattva yoga is an evolving path. Yoga is NOW. 
Sattva yoga classes are ever evolving and inclusive. The classes are rooted in the energy of the class collectively, so no class are the same.

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Diane Ellefsen 

Circling, Self-Awareness, Conscious Relating

I am passionate about authentic relations and how to deepen our self-awareness on the automatic patterns we often relate from. My work are aiming on creating a playground for self-exploration and practice for connecting authentic to self and others.

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Iwona Rejmus 

Body Talks and “100 Faces” 

I self-design and eclectically share treasures, knowledge, experiences from my personal journey with tantra and sensuality, performance art, dance, rituals, authentic communication and dynamic complexity of being a human. I’ve been manifesting in art- and education-contexts, self-developing spaces for groups and individual sessions.

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Johan Tino Frederiksen

Men’s Circle
‘Men who love women’ is a workshop we have each Tuesday in Tinkuy. The workshop is for men with the courage to know all of themselves: shadowsides, sexuality, ambitions, vulnerability and life purpose.

Lis Vaergman

Qi Gong and Tai Chi 

Balance is the key in both tai chi and qi gong. Balance in body and mind, in your life and in your interaction with the environment.
The forms of qi gong that I teach are tai chi related and support the tai chi training, but can also be performed with great benefit separately.

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Marcello Real 

Reconnective Yoga

I’m the Reconnective Yoga teacher at Tinkuy. I’m also a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT – Danish equivalent “Kandidat grad i psykologi”) who does counselings and regressions with an open, compassionate and calm mind.  Private yoga and meditation classes also available. 

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Omkari J 

Hatha Yoga, Authorized Psychologist 

Omkari is a hatha yoga teacher (yoga acharya) and an authorized psychologist. For the past three years, she has lived, studied and taught Sivananda Ashram in South India and also has experience with yoga philosophy and chanting.

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Prabhugian Singh 

Kundalini Yoga

Prabhugian is certified kundalini yoga teacher (I-SKY) with a 220 hours yoga education approved by Yoga Alliance and Kundalini Research Institute (KRI). First and only Kundalini Yoga Therapist in Denmark and KRI’s Aquarian Academy Intern Trainer (Trainer in Training).

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Tessa Boucher 


Tessa is a 200hr certified yoga teacher who teachers both vinyasa and yin yoga here at Tinkuy. She has great passion for the practice of yoga and brings that into her classes with a soft and gentle approach. Her classes include hands on adjustments to insure your correct body alignment and understanding of the asana (pose). Tessa is from Canada so her classes are all taught in English. 

Thomas Munch 

Circle Training (Body SDS)
Cultivating yoga, philosophy, and Body SDS education and since 2014 have been working with people, primarily through conversation and body treatments.
I love nature but also city life and diversity.

Tove Jørgensen

Meditative Circle Dance
In Meditative Circle Dance (also called Sacred Dance and Dance Meditation), we dance from the heart, and always to very beautiful music. The simplicity and immersion of dances calls for an inner presence and provides peace and joy in body and soul, and the fellowship that arises during the dances is very enriching.
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Viktor Beregszaszi 

Imagination Facilitator

I help groups flourish through science, creativity and play. Built on my theater practice, cutting-edge scientific research, and years of experience leading workshops in the corporate world, I guide organizations shift towards human centric collaborations.

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